This week, Saudi women demanded an end to the kingdom's male guardianship system which forces women to depend on their fathers, brothers, husbands, or sometimes even son, in nearly all aspects of public life.

On Monday, an online movement began making the rounds online under the Arabic hashtag "end male guardianship or we will all emigrate." This is just one of many campaigns - including #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen and #IAmMyOwnGuardian - launched by women in a bid to push boundaries and defy deep-rooted societal norms.

Some women have even risked their lives. But the fight continues, and women are only growing more defiant. And the recent campaign proves that the fight for Saudi women's rights is not going anywhere anytime soon.

"Trending at number 2 in #Saudi is a hashtag that translates 'end male guardianship laws or we will all immigrate' اسقطو_الولايه_ولا_كلنا_بنهاجر#" Source: Twitter/MsSaffaa

"We want our freedom"

"We are not demanding anything other than our freedom ... and this is a basic right"

"I love the women who launched this hashtag, end the male guardianship system ... we deserve to live"

"As guardians they put a strain on their mental health, rather than protect them"

"I am with putting an end to the male guardianship system for women over 25 years of age because it is an adult woman's right to be independent. Unfortunately, most women suffer from bullying from their parents, arguing that as guardians they put a strain on their mental health, rather than protect them."

"One voice can actually save the whole country"

"Dropping the male guardianship system does not mean we'll betray our families and values"

"Put an end to the system in place because no one supports this fundamentalist mentality, which has pushed many women to prefer being alone in a foreign country. We see foreign countries as 'paradise' when compared to the society we live in. Dropping the male guardianship system does not mean we'll betray our families and values. But, we'll be guaranteed rights in an organized manner."

Not everyone supported the hashtag, though

"Emigrate and never come back"

"Take care"

Saudi Arabia's male guardianship system

Women are discriminated against in nearly all aspects of public and private life, mainly due to a legal code influenced by a fundamentalist interpretation of Sharia law.

But in recent years, Saudi Arabia has amended a number of laws in an effort to empower women in the kingdom, including opening municipal elections to female candidates and making women's verbal consent to marriage mandatory.

The Saudi Council also announced an amendment to laws governing travel documents, giving women a right to obtain a passport without male permission. In September 2017, Saudi Arabia lifted its ban on women driving, ending the long-standing policy that has been heavily criticized since 1990. A month later, the kingdom announced women will be able to attend sporting events in stadiums starting 2018.

This all puts a dent in the kingdom's guardianship system, which prohibits women from traveling, marrying, and working without the permission of a male guardian, typically the husband, father, or brother.