In one of his religious edicts, Kuwaiti cleric Dr. Othman Al Khamees stated that it's haram for Muslim men and women to play electronic games (like PUBG) together. 

His statement came in response to a question he was asked by one of his followers during a religious sermon. A video of it went viral on Twitter after it was shared by several local news accounts on the platform earlier this week. 

In it, Al Khamees says: 

"In regards to electronic games that have recently become widespread, especially those where both men and women play against each other, and communicate through calls or messages during the game, they're prohibited. This isn't permissible in any way." 

The cleric then added that games featuring illicit images or characters are prohibited for all Muslims regardless of whether they involve mixed-gender communication or not. 

As part of his statement, Al Khamees also explained that any game featuring music or a soundtrack is also considered haram. 

However, he added that the issue with music is less severe when compared to other things involved with electronic games. 

The cleric's edict caused quite the stir on Twitter

Some completely agreed with his edict

"Wise words." 

"What he said is right, you don't need to be smart to get it"

Others couldn't disagree more, though

"This cleric's edicts are too much."

Many raised this point

"He prohibited this because women get in touch with men through it. OK, if we were to follow this, we can also say that it's not allowed for a woman to use social media and mobile phones. We can also say that it's prohibited for her to leave the house because one way or the other, she's going to communicate with men if she does that."

Others responded with jokes

"Do you have nothing else to issue edicts on?"

Not the first time Al Khamees sparks controversy

This isn't the first time an edict issued by Al Khamees divides people's opinions. 

Last year, the cleric claimed Muslim women are not allowed to wear pants. The statement came in reply to a question the cleric was asked about whether it's permissible for women to wear pants above their heels. In his reply to the inquiry, Al Khamees said: 

"Pants are 'haram' altogether and they're asking about ones that go above the heels! It's impermissible for Muslim women to wear pants except if they put on a 'thawb' [floor-length garment] over them. It isn't acceptable in Islam for a woman to expose her legs and thighs, and pants define these body parts. Ones that go above the heels also reveal a part of the body that shouldn't be out."

In August 2018, Al Khamees issued another controversial edict in which he stated that it's unacceptable for Muslim women to travel alone.