Fortnite: Battle Royale, an online video game developed by Epic Games in 2017, was an unstoppable force last year ... and it was no different in the Arab world. 

But, gamers in the Arab region haven't been all too happy with their gaming connection, so they've been demanding the company to launch a server in the Middle East to enhance their user experience. 

Fortnite users in the region have been suffering from high ping - aka a lag - which is causing them to lose easy-wins. Ping is the optimization of the user's gaming connection by linking to a dedicated server. The lower the ping, the better, as the server's response is made quicker. 

Users quickly launched the hashtag #ForniteMiddleEastServers in hopes their demands would reach the gaming company. Over 2 million people took part in the discussion.

One such user is Bahraini gamer and Fortnite YouTuber Alaa "DvLZStaTioN" Ebrahim. He's been hit many times by his opponents, despite moving far from the bullets ... and it's all due to the lag in the server.

"If you are far away from the server, you will have some sort of delay in your game so pro players which are closer to the servers will have an advantage over us," Ebrahim told Kotaku.

"That is why we need a server to match with people who has (sic) the same ping as us."

In August, Epic Games said it was looking into the possibility of adding data centers to the Middle East. However, gamers in the region haven't witnessed any improvement.

Epic Games has since responded

And it's all because of the massive Twitter campaign

"We've been experiencing lag in Fortnite because we don't have Middle Eastern servers"

"We need a server in our region ASAP"

The "high ping" effect

"As a gamer, I need a server"

"See the picture"

"Middle East server is so bad"

"I have lost over 70 easy wins because of the PING"

"Please add a server and make us all feel happy"

"If we get the Middle East server, Epic Games will thrive"