Last week, Sergio Ramos landed in Egypt's Hurghada for his honeymoon with his wife Pilar Rubio. The couple vacationed in the city along with their three children and have now made it pretty clear that they were left mesmerized by the beach resort town. 

Ramos in specific had the time of his life during the vacation, saying it was one of his "best ever." 

In a photo shared with his 33 million followers on Instagram, the Spanish footballer said:

"One of the best trips ever. Now I know why everyone speaks so highly of Egypt and its people. Egypt, you will always have a piece of my heart. It was an incredible experience." 

This trip marks the first time the player visits Egypt - and his welcoming was not short of grand gestures. The hotel he lodged at was decorated with huge banners in his honor. Balloons, a red carpet, and live music were also part of the welcoming.

Though the footballer was warned about visiting Egypt - with some claiming locals were still holding a grudge against him due to an incident that saw him injure Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah - it seems he's been forgiven.

Egyptians loved Ramos' Instagram post

People showered him with love

"It looks like you're winning over my heart"

"You're most welcome here"

Of course, someone had to ask this

"Weren't you scared of Salah's fans?"

But it looks like he has been forgiven

To say the least

"Look Ramos, it's true that you injured Salah, but you're welcome here anytime and we thank you for your kind words."