First McDonald's came for our falafel with the launch of McFalafel. Then Burger King came for our halloumi with the recent launch of its all-new vegetarian burger. It seems fast-food chains are borrowing a whole lot from Arab dishes to help satisfy the taste buds of vegetarians all around. 

Burger King UK recently expanded its veggie menu, adding the Halloumi Burger to its menu in various chains across the country. This came after the fast-food chain ran a trial in Sweden, which proved to be a real success. 

The chain recently announced the news in a cheeky post on Twitter. 

"We heard you guys like halloumi," the chain tweeted. 

As of July 8, the Halloumi Burger is ready to take orders.

A string of cheesy trolls ensued

The burger consists of a bun, crisp lettuce, onions, tomatoes, creamy mayo, and a crispy halloumi cheese patty imported all the way from Cyprus. 

The chain is offering it alone, as part of a meal, and if you love getting cheesy, you can also choose to double the halloumi patties. 

What are people's thoughts on the new addition?

Some are super excited

Like really really excited

Like "need" it kind of excited

"Flying to the UK for a burger" kind of excited

Like "this should launch everywhere" excitement

Others are calling it a fake. Here's why:

"What's the point of a supposedly vegetarian burger that's cooked in the same oil as fish and chicken?"

Not all halloumi enthusiasts are happy about it

"Not convinced by this"