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In a crime that sent shockwaves across Saudi Arabia, a man shot and killed his own father in the kingdom's Assir governorate, Akhbaar 24 reported

According to news sources, the murder was premeditated. The defendant, who was previously arrested for drug offenses, waited outside the family home knowing his father would be coming back to the residence after dawn prayers.

He shot the 70-year-old victim as soon as he arrived back home, fatally wounding him.

Minutes later, police officers who had been called by family members arrived at the scene and arrested the man. He will now be investigated before being transferred to public prosecution. 

It remains unclear what the defendant's motive was.

The news continues to make the rounds on Saudi Twitter

People are shocked over the incident...

"What's happening in this world!" 

To say the least...

"Oh my God." 

Many are just speechless

"There's no strength or power but in God." 

Some are speculating the killer's mental state...

"He has a mental illness, not a drug addiction." 

Others think more should be done to help drug addicts in the kingdom

"The shortage of rehabilitation centers open to drug addicts is the reason why so many of them end up living with their families, with no one to care for them or help them out. Until when will our government not feel any responsibility for this issue?"

Others are praying for the family affected by the incident

"May God be with this family, especially the mother who lost both her husband and son all at once."