On Monday, a video capturing the moment a Saudia flight - also known as Saudi Arabian Airlines - made an emergency landing at King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah, went viral on social media.

According to the kingdom's Aviation Investigation Bureau (AIB), the aircraft was en route from Madinah to Dhaka, carrying 151 passengers, including cabin crew, when it was forced to divert after a malfunction in its hydraulic system.

Its pilot, who is now being hailed for averting a potential catastrophe, had circled the plane over the city for several hours after he realized that its landing gear was failing to launch.

The incident left 53 passengers injured

In their official statement on the matter, AIB said the incident left 53 passengers injured, adding that they have now been transferred for treatment and medical check-ups.

AIB also announced that they have now launched an official investigation into the matter.

A video capturing the landing broke Saudi Twitter...

People were left shocked by the news

"Oh my God, so terrifying." 

"Ya Latif"

Many were upset over the incident...

"This was caused by irresponsible maintenance on part of the airlines." 

And called on better maintenance for Saudia aircrafts...

"Aircrafts must be checked before every flight, people's lives aren't a joke. Anyone involved in this incident must be held accountable."

Others hailed the flight's captain

"This captain is a hero and deserves to be honored." 

Everyone was relieved that no fatalities were reported

"Thank God for the safety of the passengers and crew."