On Tuesday, a number of volunteers were in for a royal treat as they were on duty on a Dubai road.

As part of an initiative run by Al Ihsan Charity Association, volunteers were responsible for distributing iftar meals to drivers prior to maghrib during Ramadan.

Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid surprised the volunteers who dedicated their time to help others, approaching them with his white G-class Mercedes.

The Ajman-based initiative aims to reduce traffic during Ramadan rush hours, according to Gulf News.

The ongoing initiative has been taking place since Ramadan 2012.

"One of the most wonderful quotes by Sheikh Mohammed goes as follows: 'with a positive outlook, challenges become opportunities, leading to a future of success and individuals with potential, abilities, talent and goodness.'" 

A video of the incident began making the rounds online

According to Gulf News, road accidents during Ramadan often take place close to iftar time. 

"Many drivers speed to reach iftar on time or are returning home after work. Speeding and not paying attention to the road is dangerous behavior," Major General Al Zafein, Head of the Federal Traffic Council and Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Operations Affairs, once said.

"People who feel hungry because of fasting, or smokers who become nervous because they don't smoke while driving, makes them commit mistakes and cause accidents," he added.

Sheikh Mohammed is stealing the spotlight this Ramadan

Sheikh Mohammed welcomed the holy month of Ramadan with a heartwarming photo in which he can be seen posing with his grandchildren.

The photo ultimately went viral, amassing over 8,000 re-tweets.