Lebanon's decades-old Parliament speaker, Nabih Berri, was just re-elected for a sixth time since he first took up speakership in 1992. 

The 80-year-old has held the position for a quarter of a century ... and it seems as though he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

On Wednesday, the new governing body met for its inaugural session following national elections earlier in May, after a nine year deadlock, and re-elected Berri as parliamentary speaker. 

"I extend my sincere thanks, for the sixth time, to the MPs for their confidence in renewing [my] responsibilities as Parliament speaker," Berri said, according to The Daily Star.

Of course, the news was met with humor on Lebanese Twitter:

What do you hear?

*Pretends to be shocked*


"In other news, water is wet"

And "the sky is blue"

"First of all, ana Nabih Berri"

Valid questions were raised


Memes flooded the internet

Rumors of sorcery and black magic crept through Twitter

Bairy ever-lasting?

A simple wrap-up:

"To those saying the role only fits Nabih Berri..."

"We haven't seen anyone other than him as parliamentary speaker, so we can't really judge."

"Did we break the Guinness World Record yet?"