In 2017, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) was appointed as Saudi Arabia's crown prince ... and to say he's been empowering Saudi society is an understatement.

Over the course of the year, MBS has proven - on multiple occasions - that he is serious about reforming the kingdom. That includes bringing cinemas back to the country and lifting the decades-old women driving ban.

Nationals have been taking note of MBS' achievements, and hold the 33-year-old in high esteem.

In honor of the crown prince's birthday - which falls on August 31 - Saudis have launched a hashtag celebrating MBS' 33rd birthday. 

"Our beloved future king"

"We are so proud"

"You have made great changes until now"

Feminists joined the discussion: "That's my hero"

"The prince of youth, the man of the future, and leader of an entire nation"

"A new era is coming"

Some even created a photo collage of MBS over the years

Photo collages were taken to another level

"Happy Birthday to the greatest man on earth"

Some even drew MBS ...

Others resorted to exaggerated humor