More often than not, uplifting stories tend to be overshadowed by bad news that highlight acts of inhumanity. However, that certainly does not mean there is no good news to be shared.

The world is actually filled with people seeking to make the earth a better place, and Arab countries are no exception. Such people regularly come up with creative ways to give back to their communities and launch initiatives in the various fields of humanitarian work.

Here are 7 Arab initiatives that will restore your faith in humanity:

1. Hundreds of worshipers got free rides to Jerusalem this Ramadan

Every Friday during Ramadan 2018, the team behind Careem, the Arab world's No.1 ride-hailing app, offered around 400 worshipers free bus rides to Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam.

The initiative came as a gesture of support for the thousands of Muslims who struggled to commute to Al-Aqsa to perform their prayers during the holy month.

Speaking about the initiative, Careem's Managing Director of Emerging Markets, Ibrahim Manna, said, "We wanted to alleviate this hardship by providing these rides free of cost  during the difficult economic conditions facing Palestinians in the West Bank, especially the elderly and large families."

Additionally, Careem designated a team to support worshipers on the ground, providing caps to protect them from the sun and helping the young and the elderly board the buses.

2. Careem drivers had a very special holy month as well

As part of its efforts to show support for its drivers, Careem's Egypt team hosted an iftar for eighty captains at the Qaitbay Citadel, a 15th-century castle in Alexandria.

The company also distributed iftar to its drivers throughout the entire holy month, and in the final days of the month, Careem matched all the tips drivers received from their customers.

Meanwhile, the UAE team organized an iftar drive-through near the office for drivers to pick up their meals on the go.

3. The company also teamed up with UNHCR to support refugees...

In 2017, Careem launched an initiative in partnership with UNHCR - the United Nations' refugee agency - to raise funds for refugees. The initiative required customers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia to donate money, raising over $100,000 by the end of that year.

Additionally, during Ramadan, Careem UAE matched all the funds donated from customers. The donations were used to support hundreds of Syrian and Iraqi refugees based in Lebanon and Jordan.

4. And launched another initiative to help Morocco's homeless

In June 2018, Careem's team in Morocco launched an initiative to provide meals for the country's homeless, in collaboration with Jood Association, a non-profit organization that helps the needy.

Careem introduced a Customer Car Type (CCT) named "Go Jood", which allowed customers to donate an additional 5MAD ($0.5) from their ride fare to the cause. Since then, the team has managed to deliver 5,547 warm meals to people in need.

5. Saudi Twitter users came together to give this cleaner gold

Back in 2016, a social media user in Saudi Arabia mocked a cleaner who was looking at a gold necklace in a jewelry store. Sharing a photo of the man, the social media user wrote: "This man only deserves to look at trash."

In response, the social media community tracked the cleaner down and gave him a set of gold. Additionally, several social media users offered to donate money and necklaces.

6. Ramadan in the UAE is never complete without food banks

Through its Ramadan Food Bank Initiative, Careem UAE made donating food to the needy rather effortless. The team offered to pick up and deliver the food for free, encouraging residents to donate their surplus rather than throw it away.

7. This lawyer launched an app for Saudi women to learn their rights

Last September, Saudi lawyer Nasreen Alissa launched a creative app called "Know Your Rights".

The application, which is considered the first of its kind in the Middle East, provides women with free legal advice and services, empowering them with much-needed knowledge.

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