On Monday, Saudi Arabia ended a long-standing ban on cinemas in the country, announcing that cinemas will be brought to the kingdom in March 2018. 

Naturally, people welcomed the news with anticipation, excitement, and jokes. 

It all started when Libyan-American Hend Amry, who's been dubbed "Queen of Muslim Twitter," expressed disappointment in tweeps for not welcoming the news with humor using a hashtag titled #SaudiMovieTitles.

Little did she know, Twitter users would prove her wrong.

It all started with Ramadan references

Lots of them

The Planet of the Apes VS. The Planet of the Dates

"50 first medjool dates"

Religious references soon followed

"Gone With The Wind: My Wudu"

Better call Saul turned "Saud"

People had to bring Godfather into this ...

Camels, too

Gulf Fiction > Pulp Fiction

"Sheikhs on a plane"

J.K. Rowling would be proud

Alfred Hitchcock too!

"Die hard, Inshallah"

Before you do ... you gotta watch "The Saud of Music"

Tune in to "50 shades of Astaghfurillah"