Parents are often the ones who attend graduations to celebrate their children's academic successes. 

However, earlier last week, an Egyptian mother overturned that and had her own sons witness her graduate with a bachelor's degree.

In a tweet he posted as a tribute this week, the woman's son - a tweep known as Ra7eem - shared her inspiring story. He explained that she hadn't completed her higher studies before she got married. 

Unwilling to settle for anything less than a university degree, the mother of two returned to college 20 years after she had her first child, graduating with a bachelor in literature. 

Her story went viral shortly after her son posted it on Twitter and continues to make the rounds online. 

It all started when the tweep's heartwarming post went viral

"Just last week my mother successfully got her degree. Years back, she graduated from a two-year program from the institute of social services but then dropped out. She got married, had me - a university student - and my brother - currently in high school - raised us and then decided it was time to go back to university. My mother, in her 40s, wasn't happy with her level of education and decided to go ahead and earn a college degree. She earned a bachelor in literature with honors. She did what's impossible for most of us." 

People absolutely loved it

"It's beautiful when someone realizes their ambition no matter how long it takes."

"A beautiful tweet amidst all the darkness around us"

"You truly should be proud of this woman." 


Many got emotional over it

"I am speechless. I can't find words to describe this tweet, so I'll just say I teared up."

"A person who truly wants to accomplish something will do that regardless of age, circumstances or anything else"

"Congratulations to her and to you all." 

"Alf, alf mabrook"