saudi abuse

A few months ago, a worldwide #MeToo campaign saw countless women, including Arabs, share intimate sexual harassment stories via the hashtag. 

Now, Saudi men and women have started a hashtag with a similar objective, asking people to expose their abusers - be it encounters of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

The hashtag titled "Expose Your Abuser" has been making the rounds online as vile abusers get named and shamed on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the majority of the tweets under the hashtag are calling out abusive teachers in the kingdom...

The number of students calling out their abusive teachers is shocking

Many teachers are being accused of "physical, verbal, and ... sexual" abuse

"She slapped me in second grade ... now I'm 27 and I believe every authority figure is gonna hit me for no reason"

"I will never be able to get that scene out of my head"

"In first grade, our teacher, Zeina, would punish those who failed to prepare the lesson by tying up the hands of the students, forcing them to stand in a straight line and turning the ceiling fan on at very high speeds. She used to threaten to hang our hands on the fan. I will never be able to get that scene out of my head." 

"In the 4th grade, [my teacher] broke a ruler on my back because I wasn't wearing the abaya"

"[The teacher] pulled me by my hair"

"When I was in first grade, the sick teacher pulled me by my hair because I lost my space in the queue ... and till this day I fear to have long hair."

"The teacher used to force other girls to call me trash"

"I don't remember the details of the scenario, but what I do remember is how my teacher used to punish me. She used to make me stand at the door and as the other girls leave the classroom, she would force them to call me 'trash'. I used to stand there balling my eyes out."

"The headmistress at the school used to threaten us by making us believe a jinn (genies) is present in the room"

"The headmistress at our primary school Iman Al Anqari used to threaten us by making us believe a jinn (genies) is present in the room. She did so to ensure we stick to the rules and behave properly to avoid punishment by the jinn."

"My art teacher in second grade"

"In second grade, my art teacher asked us to submit a drawing about natural scenery. I submitted mine and she slapped me across the face because I left some white space in my drawing. I will never forgive her." 

"My Quran Studies teacher hit me"

"One time, during the second grade, my Quran Studies teacher hit me with a ruler just because I asked to go to the toilet in front of the school director. May God take her from this world."

"My first marriage was a nightmare"

"I am ashamed of [my story], but I will join the rest of you in fighting our abusers because I have not yet healed from mine. My first marriage was a nightmare. My husband was much older, complicated, scary and a violent addict. He kidnapped my child and hid her. On Friday morning, I woke up while crying in my sleep as I dreamt that I was still looking for my child."

The hashtag saw more than just the exposing of abusive teachers

"My father hit me and caused damage to the cornea of the left eye"

"My brother. He is a bully"

Earlier this year, one teacher was banned from ever teaching in Saudi Arabia after a video of him beating a student went viral

In January, Saudi authorities in Al Ihsa'a governorate permanently banned a teacher after a video of him beating a student went viral.

The news was announced by Ahmad Balghunaim, head of Al Ihsa'a Education Authority via a statement made on live television.

"After a video of the incident was circulated by social media users, we launched an investigation into the matter and found that the incident had actually taken place in one of the governorate's bilingual schools," he explained.