Saudi authorities in Al Ihsa'a governorate issued an order barring an educator from teaching for life after a video of him beating a student went viral. 

The news was announced by Ahmad Balghunaim, head of Al Ihsa'a Education Authority, on Monday. 

In a statement he made on live television, Balghunaim said the decision came after evidence proved the educator's wrongdoing. 

"After a video of the incident was circulated by social media users, we launched an investigation into the matter and found that the incident had actually taken place in one of the governorate's bilingual schools," he explained

He also added that the teacher confessed to the assault and has since apologized to the student and his parents. 

"Based on what we found, we made the decision to end our contract with this educator and we also issued a notice stating that he is unfit to work in any educational profession he may apply to in the future," he said.

The video of the assault had sparked outrage across the kingdom

The footage capturing the teacher horrifically abusing his student went viral on Saudi Twitter last week, sparking outrage among social media users. 

Thousands had called on authorities to take strict action against the man seen in the video. 

However, people are now divided over the action taken against the educator

Some think permanently barring him from work is not a solution

"This teacher made a grave mistake but aren't there other lesser punishments that could be considered?" 

Others were having none of that though

"He absolutely deserves what he got. He's dealing with children! Even if a student makes a mistake, he can deduct grades or call in their parents. He should know that beating students is an unacceptable, punishable act."

"He deserves this"

"To beat a child like this? What would you have done if your kid was horrifically beaten up like this? He deserves expulsion."

Beating a child cannot ever be acceptable or excusable

"I don't get people who are defending this educator. This student didn't go to school to be beaten. The measures taken against him should deter any other teacher from dealing with their students in an uncivilized, unacceptable manner. This child's parents should also sue this man."