hail medina

Rainfall hit several parts of Saudi Arabia over the weekend, but in the country's city of Medina, the weather conditions escalated to more than that.

On Saturday, the city witnessed a huge hail storm with large pieces of frozen rain falling, hitting cars, roads, and wrecking havoc on highways. 

The weather phenomena was captured by thousands via mobile phone cameras. Images and videos of it went viral on social media soon after and people just couldn't even. 

The hailstorm was captured on video

It was quite severe

People shared images and footage of its aftermath as well

They were endless...

And naturally went viral on social media

No one could even

"Madinah minutes ago"

"Mashallah... we just hope no one gets injured"

"It looks like a storm"

Many want hail in other parts of the kingdom now...

"I pray that we get some too."