On Tuesday, two lucky football fans won cars while attending the finale of Saudi Arabia's Superclásico mini championship, which saw Brazil play against Argentina.

One of the winners was Muneera Al Zaharani, a Saudi woman whose emotional reaction to the news melted people's hearts. A video capturing the moment went viral on Saudi Twitter just minutes after it aired on live television. 

People on social media soon launched a hashtag in honor of the woman's win.

The woman's priceless reaction broke Saudi Twitter

In a short interview with local media, Al Zaharani explained that she wasn't planning on attending the football game. 

"My children and husband encouraged me to come and I decided to join them. I wasn't excepting this at all, it was such a huge surprise for me," she said

Even the head of the kingdom's Sports Authority took note

After spotting the viral hashtag on Twitter, the head of Saudi Arabia's Sports Authority, Turki Al Al Shikh, congratulated Al Zaharani in a tweet sent on Tuesday. 

In it, he wrote: 

"The happiness of my countrywoman at winning the car is worth the entire world to me. Congratulations." 

People loved it

"The most beautiful part of the entire game. I loved her happiness as if I was the one who won." 

Many got emotional over the footage

"I swear I felt like crying."

"She deserves this happy moment"

"The happiness of our kingdom's daughter is a joyous moment for us all"

Some thanked the head of Saudi Arabia's Sports Authority for the surprise

"Nothing's better than making people happy. A huge thank you to Turki Al Al Shikh, you are happiness in the form of a human being." 

"Who's the happiest of people?"

"The one who makes people happy." 

Alf mabrook indeed

The second prize winner of the night also made the rounds online

The man who won one of the two car prizes was quite ecstatic after realizing the camera in Al Jawhara stadium had also zeroed in on him. 

A video capturing the moment he received the news also circulated online late on Tuesday.