Earlier this week, Brazil's national football team arrived in Saudi Arabia to take part in the kingdom's Superclásico mini championship.

On Tuesday, Brazil took home the games' cup after winning 1-0 in a friendly match against Argentina, but that wasn't the only thing people were focused on.

Viral photos of players including Marcos Aoás Corrêa (Marquinhos) and Alisson Becker wearing Saudi "thawbs" and "shemaghs" also caught everyone's attention.

The images soon began making the rounds online, sending tweeps into a complete meltdown.

Brazilian footballers ... Saudi style

Some people loved it


"All dressed up." 

Humorous reactions to the images were all over Twitter

"Even the eagle is in shock." 

"Abdullah Marquinhos Al Zahrani"

Marquinhos looked quite familiar to some

"He looks like my cousin." 

What do these photos remind you of?

"They look like Jeddah kids during Eid prayer." 

Brazilian football players made the most of their time in the kingdom

The team's players, including football star Neymar Jr., made sure to make the most of their visit to the kingdom. 

Photos they posted on Instagram showed them exploring one of the country's deserts while dune bashing