Earlier this week, a 70-year-old Saudi woman witnessed her long-awaited dream of driving a car turn into a reality, ultimately going viral on Twitter. 

According to Akhbaar 24, Sabeeha Al Fakhr refused to give up on her ambition, even after failing two driving tests which she undertook in Bahrain.

After taking a third test, she finally received a Bahraini driver's license that she now uses to drive in her Saudi hometown, Al Qateef. 

Al Fakhr's story is nothing short of inspiring

Al Fakhr told her story in a video that has since been widely circulated on social media. 

"I failed my test two times, but I finally made it. I never gave up hope. I knew I wasn't passing because I was so nervous and not due to anything else," she said. 

"After being trained in Bahrain, I didn't have anyone to help guide me through driving in the kingdom, so I taught myself," she added. 

The woman's determination to succeed isn't limited to driving though, she also fought hard to get an education. 

"Even though I married young, my husband helped me get an education and I never quit until I got an accounting diploma."

Her words resonated with many

"She has a beautiful soul and spirit." 

People absolutely loved her

"She's amazing." 

"A great woman"

"May God bless her." 

"I swear she's a hero"

Everyone hailed Al Fakhr's achievement

"Even though it took so long, she still fulfilled her ambition."

"There's no hopelessness with life and no life with hopelessness"

Saudi women legally hit the kingdom's roads in June

Women in the kingdom officially started driving in the kingdom on June 24. 

This came after Saudi Arabia's King Salman issued a royal decree granting women their right to drive in September last year. 

The order ended a long-standing policy that banned women from driving in the country for decades.