Earlier this week, rain and thunderstorms raged in several parts of the kingdom ... and students attempted to take advantage. 

The country's Al Taif governorate was one of the areas most affected by the unstable weather conditions. Thus, Saudi students in the region took to Twitter to call on the suspension of their school week. 

Tweeting out through the hashtag "suspend school in Al Taif," thousands explained the reasons behind their request. A few of them will certainly make you laugh. 

Saudi students in Al Taif trended this hashtag for hours

"Suspend school in Al Taif."

Everyone prayed for schools to be shut down

"How do we get to classes?"

Students hilariously called on the suspension

In tweets that were pretty funny

Some started imagining what'll happen if school was still on

A few braced themselves for the commute

Saudi humor was all over this hashtag

Students slowly lost hope on a suspension announcement

"It doesn't look like there's a day off." 

"The sad thing is that I am still hopeful"

Others had their minds made

"Whether you suspend classes or not, we're not attending and that's it." 

Al Taif's education authority issued a statement in response to the online frenzy

In response to the viral hashtag, the head of Al Taif's Education Authority issued a statement on the matter. 

Speaking to Sabq news site, Dr. Talal Al Lhaibi said classes would not be suspended. 

He also explained that the local education department has no authority to issue decisions when it comes to suspending school days.