Sarah Abouelkhair is not your typical Egyptian ... and the world has definitely taken note.

This week, Abouelkhair shared screenshots of an alleged conversation with NASA in which she proposes a simple, yet genius idea. Little did she know the world would fall for it. 

This is how it all started:

She proposed a "giant grill" prior to a rocket launch

A mock grill was shared

The final proposal was brought forth

BBQ for everyone!

Perks of the proposal 101:

And well ... she had us believing NASA responded

And that Elon Musk's SpaceX wanted in


Netflix too??

It went as far as Ellen Degeneres

It seems as though Abouelkhair has had her eyes on NASA for a while

People on Twitter kinda loved her

Others had different priorities


"This is everything"

We all just need a tiny percentage of her luck, agreed?

Turns out it was all a social experiment

This is what actually happened

Editor’s Note: This story was edited to include Aboulkhair’s results following her mini social experiment. 

A previous version of the article claimed the incident actually took place.