When it comes to the Palestinian cause, people have been fighting passionately, both online and offline.

Several international singers have been trolled and boycotted for agreeing to perform in Israel, which has - on numerous occasions - lead to the cancellation of their concerts.

The latest to be put under spotlight is American rapper Cardi B after an Israeli fan sent her love via Twitter. 

Her response?

"Wow Israel? I feel special"

And well, trolls rightfully took over ...

Feeling special ... by a country that doesn't exist?

"I wish a non-existent country made me feel special too"

Correction: "It's called Palestine"

A spelling mistake, perhaps?

"You are cancelled"

Take two: Cancelled

Take three: Cancelled

Take four: CANCELLED

"Take that back"

Others were a bit more explicit with their sentiments

Team Nicki? Yes, #TeamNicki

"Suddenly I can't read"

One word: SHAME

"Cardi No. Cardi WHY"