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On Wednesday, a Saudi woman tragically lost her life after being struck by lightning during a thunderstorm in Mecca, Sabq news site reported

Speaking to the local news outlet, a relative of the victim shared details of the shocking incident.

"The deceased and her family wanted to spend the rainy day in Al Meghames valley in East Mecca. When they arrived there, they left their car and almost instantly a strong bolt of lightning struck the woman," they said. 

The victim's son was also injured in the accident and had to be transferred to a hospital. 

The incident was reported to authorities by the woman's husband.

The news sent shockwaves through Saudi Twitter

Many were left completely speechless

"She died right in front of her family"

Everyone prayed for the victim

"May God have mercy on her soul." 

Not the first time lightning kills someone in Saudi Arabia

This isn't the first time a bolt of lightning tragically ends someone's life in the kingdom. Several similar cases have been reported in recent years.

In April, a man died after being struck by lightning while on a trip in Medina. 

Last year, the kingdom's civil defense reported the death of a man who was hit by lightning in Al Taif.