On Tuesday, Saudi police arrested the woman who was filmed having lunch with a male friend at her place of work, BBC Arabic reported.

Her detainment comes just days after the man who appeared in the footage was also arrested by authorities.

Both defendants are now set to face trial in the case and may receive jail sentences and fines.

The man, an Egyptian expat based in the kingdom, might also be deported. 

The lunch that led to jail

Videos capturing the two sharing the meal together sparked outrage on Saudi Twitter earlier this week.

Even before the woman's arrest, many had vehemently attacked the clips, stating that the duo violated the ultra-conservative country's laws and Islamic sharia. Many had also called on her to be arrested.

News of both the man and woman's arrest continues to make the rounds on Saudi Twitter and is dividing people on the platform.

Some were all for the woman's arrest

"That's better."

And felt she deserved it

"She deserves it. Let others learn from what happened to her." 

Many responded with shocking sexist comments

"She deserves to be locked up in her house for life. She shouldn't be allowed out no matter what." 

Others hit back at them though

"What's the crime that happened? She was just having breakfast in her full hijab." 

"The footage is normal, what's all this for?"

Because no one gets why this case even exists

"I didn't get what the charges are nor what the case is about, not even why these people were arrested?!!!!!"