The invisible challenge is the latest craze to break the world's internet.

The prank, which sees people trick "someone into believing they are invisible," started when Netflix uploaded "Magic for Humans" on August 24 with this trick included. 

Subsequently, YouTuber David Dobrik pranked his friend's brother in a video uploaded last week. Since then, it has inspired thousands to film similar pranks, including Arab social media users.

Earlier this week, Kuwaiti social media celebrity Fahad Al Aradi posted an Instagram video of him doing the challenge with his uncle.

Shortly after it started circulating online, the hilarious clip went viral, sending Arab tweeps into a complete meltdown.

The challenge video went viral all over social media

People just couldn't contain themselves

"Fahd Aradi's uncle, man." 

"The scene that's better than any Khaleeji drama series made in the past five years"

The video has since been turned into memes

So many of them are now online

"When everyone's getting engaged and I am not..."

The two words that are now winning over Arab Twitter

"I exist." 

Never play this prank on an Arab

"Video of the year"