Sexist hashtags seem to be endless on Arab Twitter. From ones demanding that men search their sisters' phones to others asking them if they'd marry female doctors, the unfortunate list keeps growing. 

On Thursday, a hashtag asking men if they'd marry women who smoke shisha went viral on Saudi Twitter. 

While this isn't the first time a similar topic trends on the platform, it still sparked a heated online debate. 

While many took to the trend, posting offensive responses, others were having none of it and hit back. 

In 2018, sexist hashtags are still a thing on Arab Twitter

People think it's OK to post tweets like this one...

"The difference between a woman who smokes shisha and another who doesn't."

And this one...

"I get to smoke shisha but I'll never allow her to do that." 

"She's a woman and she smokes shisha??"

But thankfully, Saudi women were there for it and shut them down

"My last shisha... this is for my future husband."

With epic comebacks...

"Find a woman who'll agree to marry you first and then ask if she smokes shisha. I feel we're in an age when women don't really care what men think, they've already proved they don't need to rely on them anyways."  

That were just endless...

"50 percent of Saudi men smoke and do shisha but it's haram (unacceptable) for a women to do the same? Are her lungs made of different cells or what?" 

"I am smoking one now, show me what you'll do"

"My shisha goes into the house before he does"

"To those who are saying this doesn't suit you because you're a woman..."

"We also don't want to marry men who smoke or do shisha." 

"Saudi men still think a woman is a possession they can control"

Because who cares about men's opinions anyways?

"Not sure if you've noticed but no one cares about your opinions." 

"This is my personal freedom, it's my right to choose what I want to do"

"I do smoke shisha and hope to marry someone who's open to that."

"Even if it's bad for someone's health, it's an individual decision that has nothing to do with a person's morals"

"Smoking certainly has negative effects on health but it's an individual choice that has nothing to do with morals, and that's for both men and women. We're used to labelling women as 'whores' if they do anything without a man's permission."