Tuesday night, the Arab twitterverse went nuts after this user tweeted about brothers' "duties" to search their sisters' phones:

"Do it if you're a man. Do it if you worry about your sister. Do it if you're jealous."

The hashtag, which in English means #SearchYourSistersPhone, quickly went viral in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. This morning, the hashtag reached Jordan. The reactions have been diverse.

Understandly, many were angry.

"The guy who started this hashtag is sick. Before you search your sister's phone, let your sister look into your phone [...] You go before your sister."

But ... some bragged about it ...

"Thank God I don't have sisters, we're all boys. Honestly, [having a sister] is such a burden... But I do see our maid's cellphone. I suspect her even if she was old."

Others really didn't understand why this was so bad ...

Ah, Twitter ... you never cease to amaze us.