Growing up has its many cons, for instance, having to make new friends, worrying about getting enough sleep, or even recovering from sleep itself can be infinitely harder as an adult. 

However, growing up has a lot of pros too, and glowing up is definitely one of them... According to the Urban DictionaryGlow up is defined as having an incredible transformation. It refers to going from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief.

Many tweeps around the world joined the #GlowUpChallenge and shared their incredible transformations thanks to puberty.

Here are 16 tweets from across the Arab world that will cheer you up and highlight the pros of puberty:

1. Some focused on the color of their eyes

2. While others kept the same gorgeous smile going

3. "Beyond glad..."

4. Many pretended not to know their younger selves...

5. "Oh my God"

6. "We did it well bro"

7. "Look at dat glo"

8. Some tweeps are having a hard time comprehending their transformation

9. You can glow up and still look cute...

10. Why not?

11. "I think puberty did a great job"

12. "I think that's my game!"

13. ????????????

"Glow up, yes, but my height didn't change much!"

14. "I swore to change"

15. Regardless, some just missed their childhood...

16. "The most important thing is to glow up with class"