Earlier this week, a Saudi man and wife - who were arrested for insulting a policeman in Mecca this past August - were sentenced to two months in jail, 50 lashes and a 20,000 riyal ($5,331) fine, Al-Madina newspaper reported.

The couple's young daughter - who was arrested along with her parents at the time - was also sentenced to 10 days in jail. Though she was released from detainment for being underaged, she is now set to return to prison. 

The latest turn in the case - that's become widely known as the "call your aunt" incident - comes weeks after footage of the incident sparked outrage online. 

In the viral video, the family can be heard arguing with the policeman and hurling insults at him while writing up a parking ticket. 

The man charged in the case had previously fallen ill in court

According to local news sources, all three defendants will appeal their sentences. 

The argument in the appeal case will focus on the fact that one of those accused, the man driving the car on the night of the incident, suffered a stroke in court last week and was transferred to a hospital. 

As his health remains unstable, defense lawyers will seek leniency, specifically towards the 50 lashes sentence.

News of the family's sentencing went viral on Saudi Twitter

Many were all for the sentences

"This is for the best and they deserve it." 

"I wish they were jailed for a year so that they'll learn what it is to insult a security man"

"We thank everyone involved in passing these sentences"

"The video was just so infuriating! Even the young girl insulted the policeman!"

Not everyone had the same thoughts on the matter though

"How old is the girl? May God be with her. How are this couple's children going to live without their parents for two months? I wish they could reconsider the sentences. These people learned their lesson." 

Many were specifically against the "lash" sentences

"Isn't there any ruling that can replace lashing?!"

"These verdicts are too harsh"

"You don't know, this man might have medical problems."