A Saudi man and his family were arrested after they insulted a policeman who stopped their car in Mecca, Akhbaar 24 reported

The arrest came after footage capturing the incident, which took place last Tuesday, went viral on Twitter over the weekend. 

Filmed by the man's wife and daughter, the video shows the family arguing with the policeman, hurling insults at him as he was in the process of giving them a ticket for parking on a pavement.

When the policeman noticed a passenger filming him, he threatened to confiscate their mobile phones. That's when the driver is heard threatening the security official, saying he'll report his actions to higher authorities.

The footage angered thousands in Saudi Arabia

In a statement on the matter, the official spokesman for Mecca's police force said the man, his wife, and daughter tried to frame the security man, making it seem like he was the one attacking them.

"The official asked the man to hand over his identity card, but he refused. His family then started filming the driver as he made false accusations against the policeman. They wanted to use the footage to blackmail him into not giving them a ticket," the statement read.

According to officials, investigations into the case incriminated the three individuals and they are now set to face trial, potential jail time, and other legal consequences. News of the arrest circulated widely on Saudi Twitter, and while some were relieved at the detainments, others were completely against them.

Not everyone is happy with the arrest

"There's no need to arrest anyone, there isn't any attack here!! If the policeman hadn't done anything wrong, why are you scared?"

But many think authorities took the right action

"The footage features more than one violation warranting prosecution: 

1 - Racism (They called the man stateless)

2 - Filming policemen doing their job 

3 - The woman's insult (she called him regressive and ill-mannered)

4 - Threatening a citizen or security man in the media

5 - Not following traffic rules." 

And were relieved at the news

"The best news." 

Some called on lawmakers to issue strict sentences

"I call on authorities to implement the strictest punishments in the case. The nation and its security men are a red line." 

"No one is above the rules, they should know that"