Over the weekend, Russian-Muslim mixed martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov beat out former Irish UFC champion Conor McGregor during the UFC 229 event.

The fight was so intense it got everyone talking, and for some reason, brought out the Muslim out of many ... including Moroccan-American rapper French Montana, who yelled "Allahu Akbar" towards the end.

Soon enough, Canadian rapper Drake became a meme after showing up with an Irish flag in support of McGregor ... but Muslims had quite a different approach in their humor.

According to Muslim Twitter, Drake was so terrified after Nurmagomedov jumped over the fence - to attack McGregor's training partner - that he decided to turn sides.

1. Hijabi Drake began trending ...

2. "Khabibi do you love me?"


4. "O Conor, you harami!"

5. Drake was reciting Muslim phrases as the whole thing went down

6. Reciting ... or screaming?

7. Imaginary conversations were brought forth

8. "Mashallah"