Over the weekend, First Lady Melania Trump wrapped up her Africa tour with a stop in Egypt ... paying a visit to the pyramids and the Great Sphinx. 

The First Lady landed in Egypt after visiting other countries in Africa including Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi. But, her Egypt trip turned heads mainly for her choice of attire. 

Donning a white blouse with a black tie and a khaki-colored blazer, Trump was mocked for imitating outfits from movies, famed artists, and businessmen.

She wore the "exact same outfit as the Nazi dude from Indiana Jones. Do they even have a PR team? I can't get over this I'll never sleep again," one Twitter user wrote.

"I feel like I've seen that look before"

Breaking memes were born

"Reminds me of one of the villains in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'"

She "literally googled 1920s + Egypt + archaeology"

Was she inspired by the movie "Silence of the Lambs"?

Or "Death on the Nile"?

Or Michael Jackson's music video?

This GIF takes the cake

KFC advertisement 7.0?

Melania Trump is finally "Out of Africa" ...

Dressed as Meryl Streep!