Domestic workers employed in the Arab world often live away from their own children and families to make a living in the region.

Because most of them are regularly governed by the "kafala system," they usually live in the homes of their employers or "sponsors."

It's almost unheard of for a domestic worker to have their family visit, let alone live with them. However, one Filipina worker who resides with a Saudi family along with her son in Hail governorate is breaking the mold.

Speaking to Al Arabiya earlier this week, the woman said her employer welcomed the idea of her son, Othman, living with her years back.

At the time, the woman's husband was also living and working with her in the same household. He has since moved to another part of the kingdom for work.

The story is making the rounds online

A duty that both humanity and religion call for

She also added that her employer treats Othman, who was named after him,  just like all his other grandchildren and considers him a part of the family.

The young boy speaks fluent Arabic (Saudi dialect) and only knows a few Filipino words, even though his mother is now trying to teach him his native language.

He studies at a local school along with the Saudi man's grandchildren and is close friends with all of them.

In a statement to Al Arabiya, the worker's sponsor said he considers what he's doing a duty that both his humanity and religion call for. 

Al Arabiya's report on the domestic worker's story started making the rounds online on Monday and is now winning over people's hearts.

People love it

"I saw this video and I keep on replaying it, my God, this little boy is amazing and it's wonderful how he pronounces Saudi words." 

"God rewards those who treat people with goodness"

Many are hailing the Saudi sponsor's actions...

"May God grant you blessings over this." 

"That is amazing"

"Marrah cute"

"Religion is all about how you treat people"

"This defines religion, morality and humanity"