Just when you thought linguistic memes couldn't get any better, one social media user comes along to prove you wrong...

Over the weekend, Twitter user @yaramub decided to share her emotions on the microblogging platform with a simple tweet that read:

"I feel quite sad," substituting the English word "sad" with the Arabic letter (ص).

The tweet ultimately went viral, amassing nearly 1,000 re-tweets at the time of writing.

This is how it all started...

Other linguistic puns soon followed: "Did he leave you on seen?"

"Tell your dad that you're sad"

"I like this meme"

"When you text him at noon and he doesn't reply by 11:59"

"I'm afraid of 3ein"

"Maybe la2an hiye ma btenta2"

"You're wow"

"Just cheer up and go to the gym"

"Best linguistic meme I've seen today"

Some just didn't get it