Just when you thought it was time for Arab Twitter to get a bit more sensible, a hashtag that’s incredibly offensive to women and to any decent human being comes along to prove that’s not about to happen anytime soon.

Suggesting that the only right women deserve is the right to be beaten, "A woman’s right is a stick" caused quite the stir among tweeps after it went viral on the platform earlier this week. 

However, and as with other ridiculous hashtags, Arab women were all there for it and hit back with savage responses that were precisely on point.

Here’s how it all played out online:

It all started when this hashtag started making the rounds online

"A woman’s right is a stick."

Popular Arab celebrities took note of it...

"Offending women is an art only donkeys master." 

But the real hit backs came from the region's women

"I pity the person who launched this hashtag!!! Isn't your mom a woman!!!???"

Who had brilliant come backs

"And a man's right is a slap that'll make his head spin." 

"Bring over the person who launched this hashtag"

That were pretty savage... to say the least

"I'll beat your mom up with a stick." 

"A stick in your eye, you scumbag"

The tongue-in-cheek responses were endless

"At the end of it, she'll kick you out the house and you'll beg her to forgive you." 

"A woman's right is a stick to beat you with all over your back"

Leave it to Arab women to shut men up...

"To the person who created this hashtag... try these exercises." 

"May God end this regressive state you're stuck in"