The incredibly important role domestic workers and nannies play in helping to raise families across the Arab world has long been undermined.

However, in recent years, more and more people have been realizing the importance of their work and contributions, giving them the least of their rights: Recognition and gratitude. 

Time and again, people's kind gestures towards those who work with them have gone viral across the region. 

Earlier this week, an image capturing a Saudi man celebrating the return of a domestic worker, who works as a family driver, went viral on Twitter and won people over. 

The image circulated on Saudi Twitter

People absolutely loved it

"A respectable and rare move, the majority here don't care about other people's feelings." 

"May God grant him happiness"


Many noticed the image used on the cake

"The image he stuck on the cake is a story all in of itself." 

"What makes a human is their heart and humanity"

"Kafu wallah"

Not the first time a kind gesture towards a domestic worker goes viral

This certainly isn't the first time a lovely gesture towards a domestic worker or nanny has gone viral across the Gulf region. 

Earlier this week, a video capturing an Emirati man bidding an emotional farewell to Sally, a nanny who had spent nearly four decades with his family, moved people online. 

Last week, a Saudi man's farewell tweet to a nanny who had been with his family for decades also made the rounds on social media. 

In January, a video capturing the emotional moment a Saudi family departed from a nanny who had been working with them for more than 33 years, also went viral, amassing thousands of views. 

A Qatari man's heartwarming video tribute to his Filipino nanny also won over the internet after it went completely viral earlier last year.