A video capturing the moment a Saudi family bid farewell to a domestic worker and her husband moved thousands of Saudis on Twitter. 

The footage went viral on the platform shortly after it was uploaded by one of the family members on Thursday. 

The man, whose Twitter name is Joud, also uploaded images with a tribute to the couple who had worked with the family for 28 years.

A touching tribute gone viral

In the now-viral tweet, Joud wrote: 

"Our domestic worker and her husband, they've worked for us for over 28 years and today they left back home for good. She was one of us, she raised me and my siblings, she knows everything about us, what we like and what we don't. I swear it's like we lost a family member, we're all in tears." 

Joud also posted a video capturing the farewell

The posts sent Saudi Twitter into an emotional meltdown of the sorts

No one could even...

"I cried with you even though I have nothing to do with this."

"Nooo, my heart can't handle this"

The meltdown was legit

"Ya ba3d el denya"

"Our helper left after six years and my heart broke over it... it must be so hard for them after all these decades"

"The most difficult thing is to bid them farewell"

"Kind, pure-hearted people are beautiful"

Not the first viral farewell in Saudi

Just a few weeks ago, a Saudi man's farewell tweet to a domestic worker who spent 29 years of her life working with his family also made the rounds on Saudi Twitter.

Earlier this year, a video capturing the emotional moment another Saudi family bid farewell to a domestic worker who had been working with them for more than 33 years, also went viral on the platform.