Over the weekend, Arab leaders from across the region flew into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to attend the highly anticipated 29th Arab Summit.

One leader in particular, namely Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, managed to grab all the attention of Saudi residents as he casually walked through the country's Mall of Dhahran, located in the Eastern Province.

The UAE's Vice President will be in Dhahran for the two-day Arab League Summit expected to take place on Sunday and Monday.

He also stopped for photos as he showed his famous three-finger salute; W for Win, the V for Victory, and L for Love.

Sheikh Mohammed visits mall in Saudi Arabia's city of Dhahran

Sheikh Mohammed surprised shoppers at the mall in Dhahran as he made his way towards a restaurant for a meal.

Social media users quickly circulated photos and videos of Sheikh Mohammed's appearance at the mall, as residents crowded outside the venue to catch a glimpse of the UAE's Vice President.