An emotional video uploaded on social media over the weekend has amassed 13,000 views already as it shows the moment a Saudi family bids farewell to their loyal domestic worker who had been working with them for more than 33 years.

The emotionally-charged footage shows the gathering of at least three generations of the family and was shared on the official Twitter account of Saudi journalist Khalid Al Zaidan.

WATCH: Saudi family bids emotional farewell to loyal housemaid

“She left Saudi Arabia after working with this family for thirty-three years. The beautiful thing about this video is the depth of emotions the family shows towards her, a woman who helped bring up their children. A few moments capturing her farewell. Loyalty and kindness are the main pillars of faith.”

The elderly lady from Indonesia seemed frail as she was sitting in a wheelchair and could not hide her tears of sorrow over her final moments with her Saudi family.

Here is how people on social media reacted...

"This is how people should treat domestic workers..."

"This is how people should treat domestic workers who leave behind their countries and families to make a living."

Some people were in tears...

"I cried watching this."

"Loyalty and gratitude"

"Nothing is more beautiful than loyalty and gratitude."