We all know just how obsessed the Smith family is with Dubai.

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have proven their love for the Emirati city on multiple occasions ... and it seems as though their son Jaden Smith enjoys Dubai just as much as his parents.

Last week, the trio made it out to Dubai for a few days ... and one Saudi designer got the chance to casually hang out with Jaden and Will Smith who visited her studio in the city.

Arwa Al Banawi met with the Smiths at Dubai's Design District, and blessed the world with a photo and a video on Instagram of the meet-up. 

The 20-year-old donned a Bedouin-inspired jacket created by Al Banawi, who's known for her unisex designs.

"We talked about fashion, music, life. I showed them around D3 and they got to have a look at my new collection," Al Banawi said.

"I love Jaden since his first album, he’s so talented!"

"No one can beat your style"

People were jealous to say the least

"Aywa Arwa"

"You made it"


"Major goals"

Who is Arwa Al Banawi?

Contrary to what you may think, Al Banawi's venture into the fashion industry was not her career path from day one.

She started off as a fashion and lifestyle blogger in Saudi Arabia, but never made a career out of it till recently. As a former investment banker, Al Banawi ultimately realized that her passion for fashion could make a promising career.

After completing a few courses in fashion design with London College of Fashion, she launched a debut collection of ready-to-wear suits and shirts in 2015 ... and has since made a name for herself.

Her designs are known for being a mixture of traditional and urban perspectives.