Saudi security man Faisal Mos'ef Al Otaibi is being hailed as a hero for saving a 21-year-old woman from an attempted suicide last week, Sabq reported

Speaking to the local news site, Al Otaibi - who is based in Dhahran as a security guard for the area's police department - shared details of the harrowing incident: 

"We received a call about a woman threatening to jump off a building in Dhahran. We immediately rushed to the scene and could see she was standing on a rooftop. We tried talking her out of jumping but she wasn't responding and was clearly going through an emotional breakdown," he said. 

When negotiations with the woman failed, Al Otaibi decided to climb up the building in a bid to save her life. 

The man miraculously managed to save her

Worried that she would jump if she saw him approach, the security man slowly walked towards her from behind.

"The moment I got close to her, I grabbed her and pulled her back to safety," Al Otaibi explained. 

Her parents, family, and neighbors were relieved to know she's safe and thanked the man for his efforts.

Soon after the victim was brought back to safety, Saudi civil defense services arrived to the scene. 

The heroic story went viral on Saudi Twitter

Many hailed Al Otaibi's actions

"A heroic action. A security man who sets a great example."  

"He deserves to be thanked"


People were proud of the policeman

"Our nation's pride lies in those who help and save people." 

Everyone felt he should be honored over this

"When a person saves a soul, it is as if they saved all humanity. I hope this hero is honored."