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A Saudi cleric is being ridiculed online after he responded to a question about whether it's halal (acceptable in Islam) for a wife to dance for her husband. 

Sheikh Abdullah Al Mane'e, a long-time member of the kingdom's Muslim scholar authority, said it is permissible for a woman to dance for her husband but only under conditions that come in line with Islamic rulings. 

In his edict, he explained that two main conditions are to be applied in this case. One is that the woman should not be seen dancing by anyone other than her husband and secondly, she should dance without music on. 

Yep, you read that right. 

The cleric's statement started circulating on Twitter earlier this week and people just can't even...

The statement caused a stir on Saudi Twitter

While a few tweeps tried to defend the cleric, saying that his religious edict came in response to a question, others hilariously trolled him over it. 

Some tried to defend the cleric's statement

"It's not the sheikh's fault. The person who asked him this silly question is the one to blame here." 

Others were outraged by it

"This situation is portraying women as slaves."

Saudi women powerfully hit back

"Enough is enough, religion doesn't only govern women, we're sick and tired of this." 

"God help women because they have to deal with you"

"Who dances for their husband in this day and age... please come over to 2018"

Many just couldn't take the edict seriously

And reacted to it with humor...

"This doesn't require a religious edict, sheikh." 

That was right on point...

"She must dance in silence? There has to be music."

"She'll dance to the sound of the AC because music is haram"

The trolling was endless

"Is it permissible for a woman to stay up late with her husband, or should she go to bed early?!" 

And savage...

"Please give us a religious edict on this: Doesn't a husband also have to dance for his wife?" 

"Oh we didn't know about this, good that you let us know"

"Hey girls, let's dance in front of our husbands in accordance to Islamic conditions"

Some just completely lost it

"She's his wife, why interfere in a couple's relationship?"