Last week, a UK-based Twitter user, who posts under the name 'Fu Izzy', became the latest sensation in Egypt after he celebrated footballer Mohamed Salah's last of his four spectacular goals with a hilarious dance.

Salah's fourth and final goal in the 85th minute of the game extended the teams lead over Watford FC to 5-0 and sealed Liverpool FC's victory for the night.

Sharing his joy on the social media platform, the Eritrean Liverpool fan is seen dancing to an Egyptian song with plenty of enthusiasm in celebration of the victory.

The video and tweet undoubtedly went viral, amassing over 424,000 views at the time of writing.

It all started with this viral video

Reactions by Egyptians soon followed and flooded Twitter as countless people were sending their love and support to the dancing Liverpool fan. 

Tweeps were impressed

"I can't stop laughing"

"Welcome to Egypt"

Many cracked jokes...

...and plenty of sarcasm

His dance made people's day

Love is surely in the air

Some even offered him the shirt of the Egyptian national football team

...and more Egyptian songs to dance to

He also received an invitation to attend an Egyptian wedding

"You dance like an Egyptian"

"You earned the nationality with such performance"

Care for a nationality swap?

Some really wanted to swap their nationality with him

"I swear this boy must be from Shubra!"

Even local Egyptian media shared his video

A few people even hailed him as a national hero

"Everybody wants to be Egyptian now because of Salah!"

The most surprising part... Salah reportedly commented on the video

During an interview with ESPN earlier this week, Salah was asked about his comparison to Argentinian football player Lionel Messi. He respectfully pointed out that this comparison only applies when discussing goals.

Talking about social media usage, he went on to say that he only occasionally checks his accounts and likes to focus on the funny and happy moments, "like the one that happened last week," Salah said, referring to Fu Izzy's video.

This isn't the first time Salah's fans go crazy on social media

Last month, Liverpool fans created an anthem for Mohamed Salah and it caused a serious meltdown online.