In the latest social media attack on Muslim women, an Arab man has referred to religious women as "weak" and "ignorant," among other degrading adjectives.

In a tweet that has been widely discussed among the Arab Twitter community, Salah Albani gave his thoughts on why some men choose to marry religious women. 

The tweet featured a photo of a groom smiling at his bride, whose entire face and head are covered, indicating that Albani is most likely discussing Muslim women.

According to Albani, religious women are cowardly, uneducated, and easily manipulated, which makes them more desirable for men seeking marriage. 

The Twitter user, who often speaks against Islam, wrote that men prefer marrying a religious woman "not because she makes them feel happy and secure, but because she has the weakest personality and the least courage."

He went on to describe religious women as "the most ignorant and the least knowledgeable."

"One's ability to control and manipulate her [a religious woman] exceeds 100%," he wrote.

What about all the religious women who define strength, wisdom, and independence?

Albani seemed to forget about the countless Muslim women throughout history who are the epitome of a strong and educated woman.

In fact, the world's oldest-standing university, the University of Al-Qarawiyyin in Morocco, was founded by a devoted Muslim woman, Fatima Al-Fihri. What about the powerful Muslim women who broke the glass ceiling and governed their countries as heads of state?

Not to mention the many prominent female Muslim scholars who have made major contributions to the advancement of Muslim societies throughout history, such as Umm Al-Darda Al-Soghra and Fatima al-Samarqandi.

People are beyond appalled

"Dumbest thing I've read all day"

Just when we thought Twitter trolls couldn't sink any lower

This user used Albani's own words against him

"I respect your point of view because it belongs to someone who has a weak personality and wants a servile wife under his feet. Indeed, those lacking rationality and personality choose religious women for this purpose."

"There's no connection"

"There's no connection between whether or not a woman is religious and how strong her personality is. This [tweet] is proof that even if you are liberal, open-minded, and an atheist, you - as a man - continue to objectify women with your silly words."

Empowered Muslim women replied with pure sass

"I am religious, an engineer, pursuing my master's degree, independent since I turned 18 years old, speak 10 languages, and have studied sciences, philosophy, and Sharia. 'The weakest, least brave and most ignorant women,' you say? People like you can't even compete with my toenail."

How about people stop judging women by the way they choose to dress?

"Mashallah, you have figured out the woman, her personality, her academic level, and her life from her attire. Bravo, you're a genius."

"The Golden Hmar Award"

"We hereby grant you the Golden Donkey Award."

Some were out of words ... so they resorted to GIFs

Meanwhile, others agreed with his opinion

The tweet has actually been retweeted over 900 times on the social media platform.