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To millions of Bollywood fans all over the world, Shah Rukh Khan is a one-of-a-kind superstar and actor. But that's probably because they haven't met his Arab doppelgänger yet.

Jordanian photographer Akram Al Eissawi looks so much like the star it's quite difficult to tell them apart. He has previously made headlines and is now making the rounds online again after he appeared in an interview on Al Arabiya's morning show earlier this week.

"I like the fact that I look like the star, but hate the word 'lookalike'"

In his interview with Al Arabiya, Al Eissawi said he doesn't hate the fact that he looks like the star but dislikes it when people use the word "lookalike" to label him. 

He also explained that in recent years, he received tons of offers to work in film and television projects but only agreed to take on a couple. The photographer is now set to feature in a UAE film. 

Who's who?

Shah Rukh Khan
Akram Al Eissawi (left) and Shah Rukh Khan (right)

Al Eissawi's appearance on Al Arabiya's morning show is getting a lot of attention...

And he's now making the rounds online... yet again

Even though a few Shah Rukh Khan fans don't see any resemblance

Others can see similarities between the two

"He does look like him, but Shah Rukh Khan is more handsome."

Many think the resemblance is uncanny though...

And just can't even...

"Anyone who sees him thinks he's Shah Rukh Khan"

"He looks exactly like him, his nose, dimples, hair, everything"

"God creates forty people who bear an uncanny resemblance to each other."

Al Eissawi isn't new to social media attention

In recent months, he also appeared in several television interviews and seems to generate buzz everywhere he goes.