A young Saudi chef is going viral all over social media for cooking for Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman during his visit to France.

Based in the European country, Mayada Badr was selected to serve a special Saudi dessert to the young leader and his guests at a dinner banquet held in Paris earlier this week.

Speaking to an Al Arabiya correspondent, Badr shared details of the dish she created for the occasion.

"I decided to combine French cooking techniques with Saudi flavors to create a Parisian dessert with an Arab twist. The cake I chose to make is basically an ice cream cake delicacy. But the flavors I blended with it included tahini halawa, rose water and layers of coffee flavored ganache," she said.

"We selected this dessert in specific because Arabs were the first to create ice cream in the world, so we felt it'd be a tribute to that," she added.

Saudi women can do it all...

The young chef's success story is proof that for the modern Saudi woman, nothing is impossible.

Her interview comes at a time when the kingdom's female members of society are slowly but surely winning their rights one after the other and successfully entering fields previously limited to men.

When asked by the correspondent how she feels being a Saudi woman who is making it big internationally, Badr said:

"I work for one of the most prestigious catering companies in Europe and I've always felt welcome here. The people I work with appreciate the fact that I am able to blend the flavors of my home country with French cooking techniques and they love our traditional taste in food," she said.

"They're all always excited to learn things from our cuisine and that's amazing," she explained. 

The talented chef is making the rounds on Twitter

"Saudi Mayada Badr will be serving dessert at a dinner banquet held in honor of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in Paris." 

People love it


"Good on her"

"How amazing are our Saudi women"

Watch the full interview with Al Badr below: