Another day, another Arabic hashtag that makes us want to eternally face palm. 

If the hashtags "one wife isn't enough for our needs" and "a woman's right is a stick" weren't enough, here's another hashtag currently trending, asking Arab men if they'd marry a girl with her Twitter's DM open. 

Arab women have already hit back at the offensive hashtag calling them animals, and now, they're in for another battle. 

It quickly became the fourth top trending hashtag on Twitter

But not everyone was here for it

Calling the hashtag "stupid"

Some argued that it's no one's business

"Smart phones and stupid people"

"Reason for divorce: her Direct Messages were open"

Women don't get a break, even on social media

Unfortunately for them, we don't care

Wait, who said I want to marry at all?

Very important first world problem

Would she accept being with you, though?

Can we all pack up and go?