Dubai's Sheikh Mohammed is making waves on social media yet again, and this time, it's for a heartwarming gesture he made towards an unemployed Emirati man. 

The man's story went viral online last week after he was mocked by a radio host when he called in to a live program, sharing his struggles to provide for his nine children because he was unable to work. 

The host's reaction sparked outrage among social media users, who were upset over the way he handled the call. The incident also led Ajman's Crown Prince, Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, to order his suspension. 

Soon after, several UAE officials reached out to the man, who has since been identified as 57-year-old Ali Al Mazrouei. One of them was none other than the Dubai ruler, who offered him a job. 

Al Maktoum gave the unemployed man a social research job

Taking immediate action, Sheikh Mohammed ordered authorities to provide the Emirati and his family everything they need. 

Not only that, in a tweet he posted on Sunday, the Dubai ruler announced that Al Mazrouei was appointed a social researcher at the Ministry of Community Development. 

The man was also invited to a UAE cabinet meeting which went over plans to support the country's low-income citizens. 

After attending the meeting, al Mazrouei expressed his gratitude to the Dubai leader. Speaking to Gulf News, he said: 

"On Sunday, attending the UAE cabinet meeting was a big honour for me. It’s a badge on my chest, at that time I felt I am the happiest person in the world. The gladness fills my heart to see all leaders listen to your problems and solve them," he said. 

Al Mazroui's life is now transformed

Speaking to Khaleej Times in reaction to his interview going viral, Al Mazrouei, who is based in Ras Al Khaimah, explained why he made the call to the radio show in the first place. 

"I'm suffering from a host of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, due to which I am unable to work and support my family. I have to depend on the monthly salary given by the social affairs department, which is no longer enough to meet my household requirements. I made the call because I wanted to push the department to speed up and follow up on my application for a house so I can provide shelter for my nine children, who are minors," he said

The man explained he was shocked and upset when the radio show's host ridiculed him live on air. 

"When I called, I never expected such kind of shocking and disappointing reaction from the presenter. But I knew that my voice had reached the right people and the UAE leadership would not hesitate to support me and provide me justice," he added. 

With his life now changed, Al Mazrouei looks forward to moving his family to their new home and starting to fulfill the duties that come with his new role.