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Saudi’s General Security division just announced that soldier rank positions will now be open to Saudi women, Al Arabiya reported

Opportunities in the field will be available to women in several of the kingdom's governorates including Riyadh, Mecca, al-Qusaim, and al-Madina. 

To be eligible for a soldier rank role, a woman has to be of Saudi origin, and needs to have been brought up in the kingdom except if her father had to live abroad due to a "government-related responsibility." 

Candidates who will be considered for the newly opened positions will have to be between 25 to 35 years of age and hold at least a high school education. 

According to Al Arabiya, the only women not allowed to apply for the roles are those married to non-Saudi nationals. 

There are 12 conditions women must meet to apply for the job

Applicants who pass initial interviews will have to undergo a medical check up. 

The list of 12 conditions women must meet to apply for the available vacancies also includes the following: Women applying must have a clear criminal record and proof that they haven't previously been employed in any government or military-related institution. 

Under Vision 2030, more professions have been opening up to Saudi women

Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia's General Directorate of Passports announced it will start recruiting women to work at airports and land border-crossing points across the kingdom. 

Even though there were only 140 job openings at the directorate, over 107,000 women applied

News of the increase in women applying to jobs available to them in Saudi Arabia comes at a time when the country's Vision 2030 is opening up new work opportunities for them.

Launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the ever-transforming footprint, which aims to diversify the economy beyond oil, mandates increasing the percentage of Saudi women in the workforce.

In recent months, the kingdom's Director General of Traffic, Mohammed Al Bassami, announced that women will soon be joining the traffic police forces.

In October last year, the country also created 80,000 jobs for Saudi women after it limited work in women's wear stores across the kingdom to them. 

During the same month, Saudi officials announced that the Gulf state's Air Navigation Services Company (SANS) was planning to employ women as air traffic controllers for the first time in the country's history.