The traffic authorities of Al Sharqiya, Saudi Arabia, announced the ban of all kinds of advertising stickers on cars, Okaz news site reported

In a decision made under the Council of Ministers' decree number 6034, any vehicle with stickers advertising services or products will be subject to monetary fines or confiscation of the car. 

Al Sharqiya's traffic authorities took notice of the exceeding number of vehicles that are owned by companies and stores with promotional tags on the outside body of the car. 

Any ads that are spotted on cars under the form of stickers, text, or drawings (images, graphics, etc...) are considered illegal starting next week. 

The decision includes public transportation (buses and cabs) and other type of vehicles. 

All cars must abide by the regulations implemented. 

The news was shared on Twitter by various news outlets, leading many Saudi tweeps to wonder about the necessity of such a verdict.

Saudis were speechless

Many were with the decision

"That's what's asked of the authorities."

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Others had different concerns

"Should I remove my BB pin and SnapChat code?"

Some asked this

"What's wrong with advertising stickers, can we know?"